Marcus Schmidt  
Die 40 größten Karriere-Mythen  
Ein Headhunter zeigt, worauf es wirklich ankommt  
  208 Pages
19.95 Euro, 31.90 sFr
February 2010
Published by Eichborn
Benefit from the Executive Searcher's Insight

Headhunter Marcus Schmidt deconstructs 40 of the most popular myths on rising to the corporate top and shows what really matters in contemporary careers.

Prejudice abounds on how careers are made or terminated. Some haven't changed for decades: "Down and out at Age 50" or "Glass Ceilings stop Women from Top Positions". Others are brand new: "No rise without Media Presence" or "Networking is the Key to any Career".

Marcus Schmidt explains the major fallacies and presents career strategies that really work.
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